Bernard Tomic’s father, John, charged with assault on Thomas Drouet

Thomas Drouet leaves a Madrid courthouse on Monday. (Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty Images)

According to @TennisReporters and pg 168-9 of the ATP Rulebook, Bernard Tomic may be fined up to $100K and/or suspended for up to 3 years. posted by @SoyFederista

In court on Monday, John Tomic was charged with assault. He and his lawyer did not deny causing Drouet’s injuries but claimed he acted in self-defense after Drouet grabbed him by the arms. Another hearing has been scheduled for May 14. If found guilty, John Tomic could be fined and sentenced to up to three years in prison.

Before John Tomic’s court hearing, Drouet told the Herald Sun that he witnessed John punch Bernard in the mouth last Tuesday in Monaco, leaving Bernard in tears. Drouet said John Tomic had been verbally abusing him for six months and things finally came to a head before the team was set to board their flight to Madrid.

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