BallTrace Tennis Ball Marker Review

I recently received the BallTrace Tennis Ball Marker tool for product review from Dave the Founder of BallTrace.  I have to say this product is awesome!  I received the package in a cute little box and immediately took these pictures for your viewing pleasure.




The product is so simple it’s elegant.  BallTrace sends you their tracer with custom letters you order and you can use the supplied markers to trace your initials on the ball.  Yep it’s that easy! Not only are there letters you can also tag your balls with cool emoji style marks that express your individuality on the balls as well.

Dave and BallTrace is located in the UK hence the awesome picture of professional tennis player Johanna Konta on their front page.  BallTrace is just launching globally according to Dave and just in time for the holiday season!


BallTrace - Tennis Ball Marker - Gift for Tennis Player - Value Bundle


I am always telling my students that tennis has to be fun and BALLTRACE really adds more joy to the ball ownership club.  I teach at a location with four tennis courts and open our balls are launching to the left and right by earnest beginner students.  This makes identification a breeze!

You might think it is a bit of effort to BALLTRACE each ball but honestly it only took a few seconds to do each.  I can imagine tagging each new can of balls as they get added to the basket.  For recreational players, the BALLTRACE comes with a nifty hang tie that enables you to attach it to your tennis bag and you can easily mark the fresh new can of balls right on the court before a match.   I am also thinking that my junior tennis players are gonna have a blast using this product as a craft!

There is even an ecological motivation that came to mind while using them.   Since I had made each ball my own with the BallTrace mark, i found it harder to toss balls and I was more apt to keep them around a little longer.  Anything to save our planet right?  Sadly, it reported that over 300 million tennis balls go to landfill so lets do our part!

For our non profit LoveSetMatch,  I will be using heart stencil soon so that the kids associate tennis with Love!  Such a wonderful idea.  Thank you Dave for including that for us!


BallTrace - Tennis Ball Marker - Gift for Tennis Player - A-Z Collection

The best part of this product is that it is very inexpensive at £13.99 (approx $15) and they even have a buy 2 stencils get one free offer happening right now. Use code STEN3FOR2 when you check or  Visit BALLTRACE for the offer.   I couldn’t find it on the Amazon site so for now, the best place to order is directly from them.

I have to say this fun tennis accessory brings a lot of joy for a token price!  I think it’s a must have Holiday gift for the tennis players in your life!  Bravo to the BallTrace team for injecting more fun into tennis!




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