Australian Open 2021 ATP FINAL Novak Djokovic Wins Record 9th AO Is he injured? Medvedev Reactions and Breaking Federer’s Record

Djokovic Australian Open


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Djokovic vs world no 4 Medvedev 


He has won nine ATP Tour singles titles, including the 2020 ATP Finals where he defeated Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Dominic Thiem respectively. With the win, Medvedev became the first player to defeat the top 3 ranked players in the world en route to a tournament title since 2007. Medvedev was also runner-up at the 2019 US Open, where he lost to Nadal.

Medvedev achieved a breakthrough in 2019, making his top 10 debut at Wimbledon and reaching consecutive tournament finals, winning two Masters 1000 events at Cincinnati and Shanghai, defeating David Goffin and Alexander Zverev respectively.

Almost all of Medvedev’s strokes are registering faster average speeds, beginning with the serve, where Medvedev has attained both an average first serve speed (202.7km/h) and top speed (218.8km/h) almost 10km/h hour faster than Djokovic. 

It’s a similar story on the return, with Medvedev registering a higher average speed off first serves (109km/h to Djokovic’s 98.6km/h) as well as second serves, where his average speed of 121km/h is 14km/h faster than Djokovic’s.


Medvedev is, on average, returning first serves from more than three metres behind the baseline – Djokovic typically lingers just two metres back – and more than two metres behind the baseline on second-serve returns. Djokovic, meanwhile, is almost up on the baseline when returning second serves. 

Djokovic takes almost 60 per cent of third rally shots – his first strike following his serve – on the forehand wing (compared to just 43.7% by Medvedev), a shot which typically generates more pace and allows players to dictate.

And he applies more time pressure – a metric measured as the time taken for the ball to travel past the net – to opponents with his return, allowing them significantly less milliseconds to react and prepare for the third shot than compared with Medvedev. 

MEDVEDEV :  reporter : the first set was crucial isnt it?  Yeah you know that’s where the difference is you know if we look at the game that i.lost THE FIRST SET I hit all my first serves and he broke me not many as re capable of doing it top three probably are that’s where he is stronger than many other players on the tour 


He took time away it was 2 hours but it felt like 30 mins and I was holding the runners up trophy 

It’s amazing because, for example, me, I’m 25, I’m playing good tennis,” Medvedev, who has reached the quarter-finals of the Australian Open, told reporters. “I feel like I’m one of the top players in the world.

I have zero slams. Imagine for me to get to 20, I need to win every slam five years in a row … Five years in a row I need to win every Slam against amazing opponents, five-set matches, not be injured.


“That’s ridiculous numbers. For me, they’re the three, for sure, greatest players in the history of tennis.”

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