A Tennis Video show?

I have been dreaming of a Tennis video show that would be fun to watch and show more than just a talking head reading the news about Tennis.  As an avid tennis player I know there are thousands of videos out there about how to hit a forehand like Federer or how to serve like Sampras.  I have also seen many of the video racquet reviews from the many retail stores online.

I guess what I am thinking about is a show which spotlights Tennis Culture.  The amazing fans of Tennis.  Sure, Tennis isn’t much without the pros but it’s also the fans that make Tennis special.  I have met many super cool friends online via Twitter and feel a kind of kinship with them because we are TENNIS CRAZY.

Michele Drohan is avid tennis player who lives in Manhattan and works for a video and TV product company called Sling Media. She also happens to have the RF logo tattooed onto her wrist,

I am talking obsessive over the top- our friends start to worry about us – tennis passion.  The motivation that drives someone to travel hundreds of miles just to see our GOAT hit a ball on a court.

Last year I stood in line for hours waiting to meet Roger Federer.  It was actually @federerfan07 that tipped me off that he was going to meet only 150 people at Indian Wells. It was not confirmed but I drove up 2 hours from my house for a chance to see the Maestro. I felt dizzy with anticipation and hope.  Through twitter it was semi-confirmed by Tracey @ Wilson that Tennis Warehouse was hosting a Roger Federer signing and I was giddy like a school girl on valentines day. My heart was racing. I couldn’t stop tweeting or talking.

Standing in line for hours I got to meet so many people who were crazy like me.  Crazier actually.  People from India.  A man from Pittsburgh.  A family from Spain.  All there and willing to wait hours for a chance to meet their Idol.  To me, those people and their stories is the show.  Sure tennis giveaways, racquet reviews and hopefully live interviews with pros – but all from the perspective of an over the top unabashed fan.

What do you think?  Am I on to something? Would you watch this?  Is this just stupid? Do you know of something like this already? I would really appreciate any thoughts you have on this.



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