Tennis Lessons

for less than $10 an hour??


Is it possible to get high-quality tennis lessons for a discounted rate?  Don’t you wish you had a friend who would teach you just for the love of the game?  Of course, you would offer to pay your friend but it wouldn’t be about the money.  It would be fun and hanging out!  Here is what my friend Kristen said about our lessons:

Taking lessons from Phillip has helped me so much. At the first lesson, he asked me what I wanted to work on, and by the end of the lesson, it was 90% corrected. He is very friendly and patient, and totally passionate about tennis. He’s helped me with my consistency, backhand and forehand form, and game strategy. He is always offering tips or positive comments. I’d recommend him to anyone of any level as a tennis teacher. He is a treasure! Kristen, Alhambra


Hi, I am Phillip Kim better known as Coach PK!  I am the Director of Tennis for the City of Azusa and a USTA tennis instructor.  I have a federal background check in place to teach children and adults and have worked with hundreds of tennis explorers like yourself.  I am just as passionate about improving your tennis game as I am my own!  I would love to work with you!  Recently I received the “Best of” award for 2018 and I am honored to be recognized as one of the best coaches on their website.

Tennis Lessons

Would you like to see a fast improvement in your tennis game?

Want to be a better competitor?

Want to learn how to be more consistent and less frustrated?

Need a trained eye to analyze your game skills and technique?

Always wanted to play tennis but never got around to it?

Just need some Cardio Fitness Fun?

I would be honored if you would allow me to join you on a quest for tennis success. No matter if you are an adult beginner to 5.0 level player, I can help you see quick results in your game and scoreline. Allow me to share with you some of the knowledge I have learned over the years of becoming a better player.

Here is what Lucas says about our lessons together:

Lucas 3.5 Tennis Player

I’ve taken numerous lessons from PK over the last several months. My results have been much better than I even hoped for. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to see their game improve quickly while having lots of fun in the process.

Here are some observations about why I think PK is such a great coach:
For starters, he’s very professional about encouraging warm-ups and stretching, which protects athletes in all sports.

His communication is simple and direct, and like his personality, it’s easy going with a conversational tone. That makes his message easy to follow. He’s also patient and willing to explain something numerous times when needed until it’s clear. When you get something right, he’s quick and consistent with positive feedback, which helps the learning process.

He has effective tactical knowledge of drills that will address individual points of a player’s game. I’ve seen PK work with students at various levels of play and he’s very effective with all of them.  I’ve always gotten the sense that he’s there because he really loves the game, not because it’s a job that he’s expected to do.  He has a very clear vision of the underlying weaknesses in a person’s technique, and how to improve consistency.

After the very first lesson from PK I was able to see serious results. Before meeting him I had tried to play with a group who hit the ball consistently too fast and accurate for me to stay in the game. The players in this group beat me consistently. By applying what he taught me after only my fourth lesson, I became very competitive within that group. Now I often emerge as one of the stronger players due to playing the consistent approach he has taught me.

Thanks Lucas!  I am grateful to find students who really want to learn and are motivated by positive encouragement and good teaching methods!  Is that you?  Would you like to have a friend who coaches you with patience and affirmation?  That is definitely my style.  I know learning tennis can be a challenging task so I temper all expectation with lots of uplifting affirmation and tough love!

PRICE :  You have two options to learn tennis with me!

  1.  Group Classes in Azusa: My staff and I teach group classes for the city of Azusa for less than $10 an hour and a portion of that money actually goes to the city of Azusa Recreation and Family Services!  Yep, I am just helping others learn the game I love. Call me crazy!  If you join my classes you will receive the best tennis instruction for the best value anywhere in Southern California.  To get this amazing deal, you simply register for our 8-week classes through the City of Azusa. Classes are 1.5 hours and are avaialble Monday & Wednesday evenings after work or Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Contact me for registration instructions.  You can click to see pictures of my classes in Azusa.  They are some of the loveliest people I know so I am sure you will fit right in!

2.  Private Lessons: I give personal one on one instruction for only $60 an hour in Azusa or Monterey Park. Lessons are taught at the Garvey Ranch Park courts in Monterey Park, CA. That is $30 less than you would pay at iTennis and most other tennis programs!  For requested lessons outside of my cities, I ask that a transportation fee is covered.   Text me today to schedule your first session! (six two six) 407-4949.  I would love to hear from you!


If you have any interest at all in learning tennis, just call/text me or send me an email and let’s have a chat about your options.
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