Beware of Natural Gut Wholesale Tennis Strings

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I was previously trying out the Natural Gut Wholesale brand from Kevin Smith located in Chula Vista California.  I believe the string comes from India and NGW is just a reseller.

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I will simply post his awful emails regarding my experience with this company to let his words speak for themselves. If you want a detailed explanation of the dealings I will share it with you but it saddens me deeply to see anyone so awful involved in the business of tennis. I will say that I purchased 3 sets of strings from them in this transaction and previously purchased many sets in the past. Both sets of strings broke before one ball was hit. The string he is making is defective.  I sent the third set of unused string back to him on my dime because my stringer refused to waste any more time with his string. I called around Los Angeles to ask a few master strings in LA if they would string the racquet and as soon as they heard “Natural Gut Wholesale” they refused because they knew the string was defective. When I asked for a stringer in Los Angeles who would string his product, he could not produce one.  When I asked for a refund in ranted that I wanted free product. I asked for a refund in August of 2017 and tracked the package I sent to him but here we are in Nov 2017 and I still have not received a refund. Only ranting emails.

My passion for tennis runs deep and I only post this as a cautionary tale of the type of customer service you might receive from this company. Beware!

Here are his words via email :

Nov 6, 2017

“You left a lousy tracking # before with no name on package. Not my fault. Your loss not mine. Been nothing but a pain to deal with and congratulations for making the top .0001% of the most difficult customers. I will be back from my business trip Wednesday and refund you shortly. Not a big deal!”

Nov 6, 2017
“I don’t care if you have 1 million followers. I also have tens of thousands of followers too and business is growing 4 fold every 6 months and it will continue to grow 4 fold because I don’t have these issues with anyone else. It has been impossible to satisfy you and your stringers are pathetic. For someone who has a tennis blog and you cannot even find someone to string your racquets is pretty pathetic and I would be quite embarrassed. This is coming from a top ATP professional, national champion, full ride division 1 scholarship player, very successful business person, someone who “personally has strung thousands of racquets, and I have connections every where. I have read your blogs and personally I think they are a joke and completely negative. Most players knowledgeable players do not even read all that negative BS nor believe it. READ MY FEEDBACK 2300 PERFECT AND WE ARE THE HIGHEST RATED! This is just a very small fraction of my sales. Just a fraction. Why?? Because we do not have fake customers that continuously harass complain like yourself and want everything for free. Never heard of someone stringing so many racquets with so many issues that cannot even find tennis stringers that know what the heck they are doing. Best of luck to you and now you can watch us continue to grow and pay full dollar for your gut that is not any better than our top rated gut. Only a fool pays $40-$60 for natural gut that is the same basic string. No one so many top players and professionals are now using our gut. NEXT TIME SEND THE CORRECT TRACKING # AND HAVE STRINGERS THAT CAN STRING RACQUETS. PATHETIC AND EMBARRASSING IF YOU ASK ME! I will make sure everyone I know realizes that your blog is full of BS in which most I am sure already do.

Have a great day!”

Nov 15, 2017
“Unfortunately a few small select few stringers love to charge their customers enormous fees and only string $50 guts to promote their own business and overcharge their clients. It is awesome that we do not do this as we make strings affordable for everyone. It is too bad that you failed to see this greatness of our company, but then again you chose to take your racquets to a specific stringer. Actually quite surprising for someone who has a fairly large following. You would think they would have more knowledge of tennis and stringing racquets??? Hmmmmm. I will also make sure to post that your website is full of flaws and run by someone that knows very little about tennis and stringing racquets because it is obvious that you have little knowledge of the process. NO WONDER WE HAVE OVER 2300 PERFECT EBAY RATINGS!! HMMMMMmmmmmm does this say anything about our customer service?? Maybe you should take a look at your review processes and your knowledge of tennis and racquet stringing. You have ZERO effect on our sales. In fact this past month they have been so high that we can barely keep our strings in stock. Why? Because we make the BEST natural gut money can buy. Our service is second to none. Your website is full of flaws and false review processes. I mean come on? What person cannot get his own racquet strung? No one else seems to have these issues!
Have a wonderful day as the skies are sunny and business is booming and we will continue to boom and expand as we have thousands of awesome repeat customers that I will always take great care of and go the extra mile.
$2million mark next!”

Nov 16th 2017

(now Kevin Smith is threatening me with something mysterious)

“Keep going. I have a little surprise coming for you too. If you think you impress anyone with all your negativity guess again. The consumer knows your retarded “personal” blog is full of nonsense and pure boredom. Good tennis players (never read it for one thing) and 2ndly those that may come across it once in a blue moon take it with a grain of salt. Your basically an old man, divorced because his wife couldn’t stand him, kids who ran, and left with nothing else to do except work on some strange tennis blog and harass successful business owners. Hey without jerks like you like people would not appreciate all the awesome folks in this world. All you ever wanted was free strings. Talking about pathetic. If you were that desperate why didn’t you just say so from the beginning as I would have sent you a couple sets? I help people all the time under similar circumstances. The differences is they can at least locate stringers or have the knowledge to get out of their apartments and find a tennis club. By the way do you even play tennis?”


My first attempt at ordering this string off Ebay, I tried 5 sets of the 15 gauge string and the string did not even fit in the portholes of my tennis racquet.  It was more like 12 gauge string.  Quality control is severely lacking.  Do not support this company like I tried to do, you will only get burned by defective product and ill mannered customer service.

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